Yamaha GL1 tops our list for being the best guitar meant for guitarists who are always on the move. That being said, this guitar can become an ideal partner for you whenever you move from one place to another.

For instance, if you are traveling via bus or are on an airplane or simply in your car, then you can keep this guitar with you whenever you want. Talking about the overall design, a fine and smooth finish has been given to it, thanks to the use of premium quality materials.

Other than that, the best travel guitar is durable and sturdy. The case bag, on the other hand, in which it is contained is completely protective and will keep the guitar safe from accidents at the same time.

Finally, the price tag is something that won’t concern you at all as you might be able to get it without spending a large amount of money. That’s what Yamaha GL1 is offering at the moment.

For an in-depth review, let’s take a look at the features that it’s offering:

Important Features of Yamaha GL1:

Gl1 by Yamaha is known for its compactness. The reason, it’s been given the title of a travel guitar is that it has got a small size. Hence, the guitar becomes an easier choice to be taken around from one place to another easily.

Yamaha GL1 is tuned to Guitalele. There are 6 nylon strings available on it that have been tuned like a baritone ukulele which allows the guitarist to play different beats without any worries.

Talking further about Guitalele that’s been pitched to an “A” or simply up to a 4th. That is, the guitar is tuned for producing a tone similar to A/D/G/C/E/A. Hence, you might be playing different songs on it in a perfect manner.

The next feature that you need to know regarding one of the best travel guitar in 2020 is that it has got nylon strings. Such strings are extremely flexible and durable. They won’t break off even for many years to come.

Last but not least, there is a sturdy case bag available within the guitar. The bag has a strap that allows it to be hanged on your body easily. So, no matter wherever you go, Yamaha GL 1 will be accompanying you without any worries.


Although Yamaha GL1 tops our list for being an ideal travel guitar, some guitarists have got concerns over the position of bridge saddle that is way too high. Other than that, the body of instrument is extremely dry that might cause issues for those who are playing it.

  • Mini travel guitar for music enthusiasts.
  • It comes with 6 nylon strings.
  • Guitalele tuned guitar.
  • A/D\G/C/E/A tuning.
  • Offers to play an acoustic version of songs easily.
  • Durable and sturdy design.
  • Bridge saddle is positioned highly.
  • Body of instrument is dry.

Final Views:

Yamaha GL1 is a mini travel guitar that offers you to play different songs on it without any worries. That being said, you won’t be regretting your decision once you invest in it. So, go for it if you are planning to get the best travel guitar with many features.

2. Cordoba Mini M – Best Travel Guitar for Airplane

Cordoba Mini M

I’ve seen many guitarists complaining that the guitars they have won’t simply be taken around in an airplane. That they are way too bulky to be contained in an airplane. Well, for those peeps, I’ve got some good news. Cordoba Mini M is in the market with an amazing price range.

It is a travel guitar that has got a compact size to increase the portability factor easily. No matter if you are on an airplane, on a bus or a train, you will be able to move with this guitar on your back easily.

As far as the construction is concerned, it is pretty solid. On the other hand, the best travel Guitar also has acoustic tuning which means that it will become a suitable choice for people who play guitars as a hobby and not professionally. Long story short, if traveling with your guitar is causing issues for you, then it might be the time to switch to Cordoba Mini M travel guitar.

Some notable features regarding Cordoba Mini M are as follows:

Notable Features You Need to Know:

One of the best guitars for traveling comes with a fine touch. The top of this guitar has been made with spruce to add more smoothness. Contrary to that, the back and sides are finished with Mahogany to make it as unique as possible.

There are nylon strings present on this guitar. That being said, the guitar even with a small size is going to give you a feel of playing a full-sized instrument as it comes with a 20″ scale length along with a 50″ nut length.

Other than that, a natural satin finish has been already given to the best travel guitar so that a guitarist can feel it’s smoothness while playing different songs with it. It also adds more to the style of the guitar.

Having said that, this guitar has been tuned to A with a custom Aquila string set available as well. Hence, there are many options for a guitarist to play different songs with it without any worries.

Finally, Cordoba Mini travel guitar has got a gig bag as well. For those who don’t know what it is, this bag is specially designed to keep the guitar away from getting scratched or dents after getting into an accident.


Even though Cordoba Mini has got a stylish finish, it still has a bad fret. Other than that, string buzz is another common issue that won’t please many guitarists. The last issue that you can come across with this guitar is that it won’t stay in tune right after you play it for some time.

  • Lightweight body.
  • Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides.
  • Mini guitar with gig bag.
  • 6 nylon strings.
  • Tuned to an A.
  • 20″ scale length with 50″ nut length.
  • Bad fret.
  • Sting buzz is also an issue.
  • Never stays in tune.

Final Views:

Cordoba Mini M is yet another choice for those who want to travel with the music instrument from one place to another. I will be recommending you to get your hands on it if you are out of your production studio most of the time.

3. Kmise Guitalele – Best Travel Guitar Under 100

Kmise Guitalele

Kmise Guitalele is a guitar meant to be taken outside when someone is traveling from one place to another. This guitar has got an affordable price range. That being said, even with an under $100 price tag, the features it offers are justified.

There is a smooth finish on the top of this guitar. Other than that, the finish on back and sides is also smooth so that one can easily hold it for playing different tones perfectly. Apart from that, solid and durable construction is yet another reason to consider the best travel guitar in 2020.

It will be solving all your issues regarding portability as you can carry it while sitting on a bus or a train easily. Finally, the guitar has been packed with different tuning tendencies for the ease of a guitarist perfectly.

The detailed analysis of Kmise travel guitar is as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

First of all, the best travel guitar comes with 1 gear tuning machine. In this way, the string can be tuned more precisely, which means that you won’t be getting out of the tune while playing the tone you want.

The second reason for loving this travel guitar is that it has an adjustable action. A special Allen wrench is already available within this musical instrument to make sure that it can help a guitarist adjust the action without any worries.

Having said that, the best travel guitar also comes with a smooth Fretboard. A guitarist can easily roll his fingers over the fret while playing a song without the board getting scratched at all.

Durable construction has been guaranteed by Kmise guitar. That is, it has got a premium quality finish, on the top, and the back as well as the sides. So, you won’t be getting frustrated while playing any tone with this guitar.

Finally, a 30-day money-back guarantee is also available within the best travel guitar. You can claim for a refund or replacement in a time of 30 days with a solid reason regarding the instrument.


The guitar is best from a traveling perspective. It is durable, portable and has a compact size as well. However, this guitar is not meant for professional concerts at all. So, make sure that you sort out your needs before considering it as it is only meant for light use.

  • Nylon strings.
  • Adjustable action with Allen wrench.
  • Ideal for people with travel issues.
  • 1 gear tuning machine.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • The fretboard has smooth touch.
  • It comes with a travel bag.
  • Not meant for professional use.
  • Not for concerts.

Final Views:

Kmise Mini traveling guitar is an ideal choice for guitarists who have a low-budget to spend. It can stay in tune even if you are playing tones with high beats on it. So, better get it as the guitar is available at an affordable price.

4. Yamaha APXT2 – Best Electric Travel Guitar 2020

Yamaha APXT2

Another beast in the market from Yamaha this time is an electric guitar that is meant to be taken whenever you’ve got to travel from either on a bus or a train. Yeah, you heard it right. The brand new APXT2 is an ideal choice for people who are interested in playing an electric guitar but traveling is causing issues for them.

As far as the overall quality of the guitar is concerned, it is top-notch. The use of premium quality materials gives the best electric guitar a fine touch so that a guitarist might be able to play high beats on it without any worries. Contrary to that, the compact and portable size is yet another reason to love this guitar.

It is gaping to be your companion no matter wherever you go. However, one thing that you should keep in mind regarding this guitar is that it is not as affordable as one might think. The price is around 200 bucks and is completely justified according to the features it has.

Some details regarding the best travel guitar are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

The best travel electric guitar has been given a fine touch with a spruce top. Spruce is extremely smooth and will never let you down when you are trying your best to produce something unique.

Besides, the fingerboard along with the bridge of this electrical instrument has been made from rosewood material which is extremely sturdy, balanced and offers a smooth guitar playing experience at the same time.

The guitar, on the other hand, has been tuned to System 68 pickup pattern. So, it would be easier for a person to play high beats and notes on this guitar without causing any issue regarding the tune.

The nylon strings available on the guitar are not only flexible, but they are also long-lasting. You won’t be feeling any string buzz while playing this electric guitar at all.

Finally, the best electric guitar for traveling is contained in a gig bag which is going to avoid any accident that might cause a scratch or a dent in the guitar. So, you can travel without any worries while holding the guitar on your back.


Price is an issue for those who are low on budget. However, Yamaha APXT 2 has a justified price and that’s what you have to pay if you want to play a professional electric guitar while you are on the move.

  • Spruce top finish.
  • Back and sides are smooth.
  • Comes with system 68 pickup pattern.
  • Nylon strings are sturdy and flexible.
  • Durable overall design.
  • No string buzz issues.
  • A bit expensive.
  • No other cons.
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Final Views:

Get your hands on Yamaha APXT 2 as soon as possible especially if you require an electric guitar that can be played while you are on the move easily.

5. Cordoba Mini II MH – Best Travel Guitar for the Money

Cordoba Mini II MH

Cordoba Mini II MH is yet another suitable choice for a person who is worried about taking a musical instrument out whenever he/she is traveling. That being said, the best travel guitar can play all kinds of tones both with high and low beats.

The overall design is durable with an awesome finish is the reason many people are getting interested in one of the best mini travel guitars available in 2020. Price range, on the other hand, is not an issue at all for a guitarist as this instrument is available is affordable.

Some notable features regarding Cordoba Mini II MH are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

One of the best travel guitars has got a Mahogany top with a super fine back and sides finish to ensure a comfortable and soothing guitar playing experience.

The standard tuning, on the other hand, keeps the guitar tuned even if you are playing it harshly.

Nylon strings present on the best travel guitar are both flexible and durable. They will be working for many years to come as well.

Finally, Cordoba Mini II MH has a 21.5″ scale length along with a 1.875″ Nub nut width. So, it would be pretty easier for you to handle it without any worries.


Resonance is not as perfect as expected. It seems like the guitar has a resonance with a cardboard box that might worry many musicians.

  • Lightweight mini guitar.
  • It comes with nylon strings.
  • Tuned to standard settings.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Durable.
  • Resonance might cause issues.
  • Not a pure mahogany guitar.
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Final Views:

Check out Cordoba MINI II MH if you are looking for a portable instrument that can easily be taken around from one place to another and has an affordable price range at the same time.

6. Luna Safari – Best travel Guitar with 19 Frets

Luna Safari

Luna Safar is another addition to the list of top 7 best travel guitar available in 2020. That being said, this travel guitar can play high and low notes without any issues. In addition to that, it also has a smooth finish as bamboo has been used to create it.

Hence, playing different tones will not be an issue while you are holding the guitar for a long time. Contrary to that, price is still an issue as the guitar costs more than 150 bucks and might be a bit pricey for some peeps.

Features You Need to Know:

The guitar has been specially designed for traveling purposes. It comes with a compact size to ensure maximum portability.

Other than that, the top of this acoustic guitar has been made with bamboo to offer a smooth finish.

There are 19 frets available on the Fretboard that can be used according to the pitch of the tone easily.

The best travel guitar, on the other hand, also has a standard tune setting. Hence, it becomes easier for a musician to play it without any fear.

Finally, a durable gig bag is present in which you can pack up the guitar and travel wherever you want.


Price of this guitar is still an issue and is not in the range of those who are extremely short on budget.

  • Bamboo top.
  • It comes with 19 frets.
  • Ideal for traveling.
  • Standard tuning.
  • Expensive travel guitar.
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Final Views:

Are you interested in a premium traveling guitar? If the answer is YES, then Luna Safari is the guitar meant for you in this regard.

7. Yamaha CGS102A – Best Yamaha Travel Guitar

Yamaha CGS102A

Finally, Yamaha CGS102A is the last travel guitar on our list with an affordable price tag. It has got a fine finish and will let a musician play his favorite beats without causing any issues at all. As far as the durability is concerned, the top-notch materials used in it allows you to play the best travel guitar for many years to come.

Features You Need to Know:

The size of Yamaha travel guitar is already 1/2 from an original guitar size standards. Hence, it becomes easier for a musician to carry it around while traveling.

The spruce top has been provided to add more smoothness while you play the guitar.

Finally, the fingerboard has been made with rosewood while the bridge has been given a natural touch so that you might be able to produce something aesthetic while playing with this guitar.


Tuning it is not as easy as it might look and so I won’t be recommending this guitar for beginners.

  • Spruce top finish.
  • Back and sides are made with Meranti.
  • Compact size.
  • Tuning this guitar is not easy.
  • Not for beginners.
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Final Views:

Get your hands on one of the best guitars available in the market with an affordable price range if you are traveling more often.

Some Last Words:

That would be all from me regarding the best travel guitar. Now that I have mentioned some premium picks from the market, it’s up to you that what you choose according to your preferences. However, if you are still having seconds thoughts, then I will be recommending you to go for:

  1. Yamaha GL1 as it’s the best travel guitar of 2020.
  2. Yamaha APXT2 if you need an electric travel guitar.

Kmise Guitalele if budget is an issue for you.

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